Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fall Florals

I taught myself to arrange flowers back in my 20's. I couldn't afford premade things and just has a willingness to make my own. I'm not quite sure why I lived with this... like this... for so long, two years, but I suddenly had to change it. No doubt you can see why... Here it is...a wall hanging I purchased from a home party business. I love the concept, but the greenery really didn't do anything for me.I took pictures of my creative process, maybe it will be helpful to someone in blog land. Here's how I store my silk flowers. The large plastic containers allow room for the stems and they don't crush the flowers.Once I decide what I am going to do, I cut apart all the flowers from a bush and separate them according to type and color.
Now the creative process begins. I start with a middle flower and work from that, adding until there is a pleasing flow form top to outer edge.
At this point I forgot to add moss and added it...
And finally wall decor I can be proud to display. I plan to do arrangements for each season.Also, I added a few Fall picks in between the pots, to add a little Fall detail. Thank you for stoping by.
Trudi M.


Jacki said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing; floral arranging is a talent that passed me by. I've always admired someone who can do floral arranging! Maybe I'll give it a try after reading your entry.


Janice said...

What an amazing transformation!! You did a beautiful job!

the feathered nest said...

That looks so much better! Very nice arrangement. I love the idea of changing it out for different seasons.


mosaic queen said...

I LOVE it!!! Very Festive!!!
I'm trying to get my decorating done, however, it's going ver slowly. By the time, I get it done, it will be time to change it (lol)!