Monday, October 8, 2007

Unusual Weather and My Garden

It has been so hot in Norther Indiana. We really haven't had any fall weather. Well, maybe two days, but that's been it. Dear Hubby and I can't sleep in a warm room so our air hasn't had a break. It's suppose to cool off in the next two days quite significantly. I took some pictures of my garden this weekend. Can you bleive it, I'm still getting roses? I shocked how good things still look. Please enjoy. The rose is sure fitting for autumn.

Thank you for stopping by. I have a question, do any of you know how to add a fancy signature to the end of a post? I've seen them on other blogs and they look so nice. Thanks for the help, if you know.


Janice said...

Your flowers are so lovely! I really like the photo of the impatiens spilling out of the barrel. :o)

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are lovely and I know what you mean by hot! I live in Mississippi and it is still 90 here.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

The weather is crazy, isn't it!
We've had 90 degree weather this past week, but I think it will be back to normal (70s) starting tomorrow.

Your flowers are gorgeous!

Kimberly :)

PEA said...

How very beautiful your flowers are! I've still got some blooming but most of the others are done for the season. Go to this web site to make your's where I made mine:-)
and click on Create a Signature and just follow the instructions! If you need any help, just let me know:-) xox

Carmen said...

Lovely garden!!!
Heyy! I got the new book by Dr Wayne Dyer and you should too
it's awesome!
I am going to follow Pea's link for a signature, too.
Stay well!

Splaneyo said...

Your flowers are beautiful. We had gone from air conditioning to heat back to the AC and now back to heat. This really is the craziest weather!

the feathered nest said...

We're still getting roses too! Weird weather. Your flowers are lovely!