Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thoughtful Thurday

Well, this is a very simple fix for a wall that has studs but no wall board. (No... I don't mean pictures of cute guys, wood, people.) LOL.

Our laundry room butts up to a bathroom addition. The wall for the bathroom has all the plumbing fixtures on it, so to cover the studs with drywall would not be possible without adding additional wood. I was tired of looking at the ugly wall in my laundry room. I'm laundry impaired as it is... hate it! So, I'm trying to "fix up" the laundry room. Here's a picture of the ugly wall:

I know the Angel doesn't help much...

My solution, I went to Walmart and found some inexpensive fabric. A dollar a yard. Can't beat that! I cut the fabric to length and stapled it to the studs. Here's the final result. Not bad for $2.00.Let me know if you try this. I'm really pleased with the clean appearance. Very easy DIY. *smile*
Blogging question... Are any of you having trouble with the image button. I click on it and often it will not take me to the screen to add an image. Any tips?


Splaneyo said...

Really a great idea! There are a lot of people that have laundry rooms in unfinished basements that could benefit from this easy fix - including me. Have a good evening.


PEA said...

I still say the other "studs" are more fun! hehe I think you did a great job covering up that wall with the material, it does look a lot better:-) I have an unfinished laundry room also and I've been here for 29 years...sigh. xox

Kelli said...

That is the perfect solution! I love how neat and clean it looks! I like Pea's kind of "studs" too..hehe.

Thank you for sharing your favorite breakfast with me. I love peanut butter toast. I'm a Skippy girl. :0)


Anna said...

Trudi, that's what I call value for money - great idea! It looks so much better now.

About your blogging question: I didn't have any problems uploading pictures so far, doesn't seem to be a general problem. Did you find anything on that problem in blogger's "Help resources"?

Rhoda said...

Now that's a great solution to an eyesore! Looks much better.


Niesz Vintage Home said...

I think that worked great! What an ingenious and easy fix!
You could even hand some pictures over that if you wanted.

I have a similar problem.
My laundry room is tiny to begin with, but I also have to look at an ugly furnace, humidifier, and ductwork. :(

I've often thought about some type of curtain to screen it off, but my paranoia about fires won't let me do it.
I think I just need a new house with a big laundry room. LOL


Tootie said...

Whewwwww-whooooo! Problem solved and for only 2 bucks, you can't beat that!

Carmen said...

Houses in California are very small, my washer and dryer are in my kitchen, that's scary! LOL
You did a wonderful job! I run very often to Walmart for inexpensive and useful fabric. Great job, Trudi!
Now, on that question, no since the new blogger everthing is easier for me. I hope you figure out the problem soon ;-)
How was your weekend?