Monday, July 16, 2007

Heather from Splaneyo Tagged Me!

I need to list eight facts about myself: Here they are folks,
1- Love coffee, drink it every day, at least two pots. YIKES
2- Hate doing laundry, Hate it! Even bought a book about it to help motivate me.
3- My husband calls me "spot" because I have to use the restroom where ever we go. Or so he says.
4- I won't use the words shut-up.
5- My three dogs sleep with hubby and I. I get the smallest space.
6- I misplace things very easily at school, and in the house. Lost my cell phone... finally admitted it after looking for it for a month and a half. Most of the time I say it's not lost, I just don't know where it is. Whatever "it" is...
7- I don't like spiders
8- Hate burping, farting, and men who don't wear shirts, and my dear hubby does all three!!!

(He didn't do any of those things until I told him I love him, and he knew I hated them...LOL)

I'm going to tag, Honey Girl Studio, Shabby in the City, LBP Sews, New from France, Nies Vintage Fabric, Ragged Rose and Carmen from Strawberry's and Champagne

Here's an image anyone may have and use, just right click and save. *smile*


the feathered nest said...

I hate doing laundry too. I usually stick it in the washer and my dear husband dries and folds it. Two pots of coffee! My MD told me not to have anymore caffeine so only decaff for me now (it's not the same). Very interesting list!


Splaneyo said...


Thanks for sharing your list. I love coffee too, but I'm afraid I am a bit of a coffee snob. I am quite picky about it.
You know, the bathroom thing might have something to do with the 2 pots of coffee. =)
I don't mind doing laundry. I am very good about washing and folding. The problem is it sits in the laundry room - I hate putting it away.
Have a good day.

Sue said...

Great list!! I love coffee too but can't drink 2 pots a day, what a charge that would be!! lol

LBP said...

LOL!! I love number 3! Hi Spot!

I love coffe too but if I drank 2 pots I would be bouncing off the walls!


Anonymous said...

Too funny about the husband bit and #3 had me cracking up :o)

Carmen said...

I am trying to keep my coffee intake to 2 cups a day BUT sometimes I make myself an iced coffee, so I am kind of cheating, LOL
P.S. I love the anklet, I have an Indian anklet called spirit bells, Have you ever heard of those? I love mine, it makes very happy little sounds every step I take.
I am tagged! LOL but I am going to cheat AGAIN, I have it ready, I answer this meme before, LOL

Tootie said...

Holy Cow!!!! Two pots of coffee a day!?!?!? You would be scraping me off of the ceiling if I drank that much coffee!!! You cracked me up with the hubby comment!

Carmen said...

I just post my NEW answers, LOL
Thank you for inviting me to play this meme ;-)