Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Mom's Coming!

Last week dear hubby and my mom surprised me big time. My mom lives in NC and we only see each other once a year if we are lucky. I didn't think we would see each other until next April. She called last week and broke the news to me. Hubby and mom had been planning this trip for the last three months! They were going to totally surprise me, but mom was dying to tell me. Hubby was thankful to tell me too, because as you all know I've had the house torn apart reorganizing. Well, tomorrow I go to the airport and pick her up in the morning! It will be the first time she has been to our new home, and we've been here for three years! I'm so excited.

I may not post much for the next few days while she's here. We are going to see her old HS friends, have a big cookout, boat, see my classroom, shop and who knows... It's just a great way to end my summer.

Two and half weeks and I start back to school... *sigh*


PEA said...

What a wonderful surprise for you:-) Have a great time with your mom and enjoy every minute of being with her!! I'm all excited for you now! lol xox

Splaneyo said...

What a sweet man your husband is - what a lucky woman you are. Enjoy your time with your mom!

Tootie said...

Now that's a great suprise! Your husband sounds like a "good guy"! Have fun with your mom!

Julie said...

Oh - you are so lucky to still have your Mother. I miss mine so! Enjoy every minute of your visit.
I enjoyed my visit to your blog.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Have a wonderful time with your mom! What a great surprise!