Friday, June 1, 2007

What Do You Love About This Month, June?

One of my favorite all around information magazines is All You. They have a feature every month where they quote their readership about their thoughts on the best things about the current month. For example, this month one reader wrote in...
" I love the longer days. I have more waking hours to get things done, which leaves a little time for 'me time'. And I also love wearing flip-flops and shorts!"

I would like you to share what you love about June. This is something I would like to do on a monthly basis. Eventually I'll add Mr. Linky, but first I need to figure out how or ask how.

Here's mine... I love getting done with school for the year. It such a refreshing feeling to know I have some time to get all my little projects done and enjoy the summer days. I am so grateful I have a job that allows me this luxury. I also love watching my garden grow and wearing sandals. I don't put shoes back on until the end of September. Please share your thoughts about June.

School's out for summer!


Sweet Roses & Vintage Chiq said...

Hi Trudi!

Here in Holland vacation starts al the last week of Juli (we only have 6 weeks summer vacation)!
Mmm what I love about June... I love the fact you can buy peonies. They're my favourite flowers. I love the mornings in June when it's still a bit fresh outside but you can feel a nice warm (but not too hot) day coming up. And guess what... today is such a day! I love it already!
Hope you have a wonderfull summer!

Lallee said...

Trudi, thank you for visiting my blog! June is a favorite month for me because some things I'm envolved in end in May. I love the new *free* time I have. I try to have more down time such as reading and enjoying the outdoors. Can't wait to come back and see what others share. Great idea! Oh, and my hydrangea bush that!

Santi Marie said...

Hi, trudi,

As an introduction, I will answer what I love a bout June. Here:

It is my wife's birthday and the feast of St. John. Here in our place there are kite flying and boat racing contests. People go to the beaches with food they prepared the night before. there are part of the province here that people douse each other with water even if you are on your way to work! :-)

There. :-).

You got my utmost respect. Teachers are heroes! And here's hoping for you to have that cottage by the beach!


Tootie said...

Hi Trudi!
I think you and I are living a mirror life....I too am in special ed. (speech pathologist) and I love June for all the same reasons you do...last day of school was to watch my flowers grow and my feet are only in Crocs and sandals for almost 3 months too! I also look forward to the lightening bugs returning and grilling out.

Carmen said...

June is one of my favorite months (second is September, LOL) because everything is so green and the sky so blue, probably because like everyone else said, longer days. It's time for me to be creative outdoors, to start eating fresher and FROM my garden. One more thing: It's skirt time for me!!! Yay!