Saturday, April 21, 2007

Our Jimmy Buffet Backyard

My husband and I got married five years ago this July. Our wedding was not either of our first, so we wanted to have fun. We had a Cheeseburger In Paradise themed wedding.

We have been working on a small ranch for three years. We love to be outside in the summer and boat on a lake in Michigan. We've tried to turn our yard into our own little world. This year we are adding garden beds and decorating the deck. Roger had the idea of putting a match stick blind on the garage vertically for a chair rail. It turned out great and we trimmed in with bamboo that we split. We got the bamboo from Hobby Lobby and the blind from Menards. All our decorations have been picked up at various craft fairs in the area over the last few years. We are really pleased with how it is turning out. We want to add flowers, and accent lighting. Oh, he also added speakers for music. Such a man thing.

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Kelli said...

Hi Trudi-I love the backyard! Where are the margaritas? My husband and I had are first big debate in our relationship over which of these was better (The Eagles or Jimmy Buffett?) I was on the Buffett side because I hate Desperado. After eight years, the discussion still gets a laugh or two. Happy five years. Kelli your swap partner