Friday, April 6, 2007

It's Friday, So Sad...

Well it's Friday and I don't have our bedroom painted. I painted the louver doors first, and that took me three hours and then I was burned out. Taped and primed the areas I needed to, but haven't taken the plunge to paint. I'm painting the room a light chambray blue and I so hope I like it. I've looked at pictures and think I will, but you never know. I'm sad because my Spring Break is almost over and it's been crummy weather. We may break our area's record for the most snow in April!! Can you believe it? On the bright side I met a friend for coffee today and did some thrift shopping last Monday. Those are both pluses. Roger is taking today off and we may go shopping or see a movie. We've been together six years and have never been to the movies. Should be fun. I'll get some pictures posted of the bedroom as I get it done. I do have before pictures, kind of embarrassed to show them, because I did that too. (yuck) That's another story, for another post. Tootles.

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