Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bridesmaid Dress Ugh!

Well a very good friend and co-worker asked me to stand up with her, in her wedding in July.

I accepted and I am really looking forward to it. We've been looking for a dress for her on the Internet for about two months. She decided she wanted to wear a Pink dress. This is not an easy task to find. Her colors are pink and brown and we've been working on decorations over the past two months also. All things I need to take pictures of. We've even discussed opening an Etsy shop to fund my special ed. classroom. (These are all other stories, I digress.)

Back to the dress... Just love the design, it's going to be a coffee color with pink trim. However since the designers don't work with real women, I'm 42, a little over weight, but geesh... The size I had to order about sent me over the edge. Look, there are middle school girls much curvey-er than I am and taller. I will try to focus on the look of the dress, hopefully it will fit and look slimming. I call it my moo, moo right now. Here's a picture of the dress with a Stetford Wife in it, drum roll please...


PresentPast Collection said...

Hi Trudi,
Wanted to say thanks for stopping by my little blog. Welcome to Blogland with your new blogging adventure! Best of luck to you!

autum said...

That's a very pretty dress. I'm sure you'll be lovely!