Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Habits Here I Come... Agian

I love the blog called the Lazy Organizer. I haven't been there all summer and shame on me. She has great tips and useful tips. Every Saturday, she encourages you to set a small goal that will become a habit. To say I have poor home management habits is an understatement. I think I drove my mom nuts when she was here this summer. *sigh*

Well, I can't be totally perfect right? So here we go again. First goal, and remember I'm a slow learner, lol, so I may not add something new every week. Gosh, I also don't like to fail.

Goal 1: Tidy the hours for 20-30 minutes per day. Maintenance cleaning I guess you could call it.

I'll let you know how it goes. Have a good weekend.


Rebecca said...

Welcome back! I love the Lazy Organizer too. Good luck on your maintenance cleaning! Sounds like a good idea.

Karen@FamilyBriefs said...

I love the Lazy Organizer too! Love the "maintenance cleaning" idea. Think I'll strive for that too . . . maybe on a different Saturday :)

PEA said...

Good luck in obtaining your goal:-) My mom always said I was born organized! lol I've just always loved to have everything organized so that's never been a problem for me. Have a great day:-) xoxo

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I love the Lazy Organizer, too!
I try to follow the maintenance cleaning thing, but during remodeling, cleaning becomes futile.

BTW, Your page loaded with no problem. Whatever you did, did the trick. :)


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

What a fun blog you have... I'll be back (if I can find my way!)

ancient one said...

I need to check out that Lazy Organizer,too! Good Luck with your goals.

the feathered nest said...

I've never been to the Lazy Organzier but I'll have to check her out. Good luck with your goal 20-30 minutes is not too long a time.