Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hi, Everyone... Or is Anyone Out There?

Well, my computer woes are fixed. I think... I'm back to school and really tired. I could have posted last week, but just did not have the energy. It's really tiring the first few weeks back. Yes, I know, I had a long time off, but sometimes I think that makes it more difficult. I really get out of the routine of being away from home. Plus, the kids aren't use to school nor each other and it's just exhausting. I have three new students right now and they've been a challenge as they are each year. I have to get familiar with their unique needs, challenges, skills and deficiets.

Yikes, hubby and I had a scare today. My stepson is 25, deaf and mentally handicapped. He was taking a nap before breakfast. (He really enjoys napping when he's home with us, nothing unusual.) He came to breakfast and started to eat with nothing of note. All of a sudden I noticed he stopped eating which is not normal for him. He eats like a barbarian. Seriously, he does. I looked up and his lips were blue, well we don't have anything blue to drink... He looked pale, now going on deathly pale..." Honey does Jr. look right to you? Look at his lips." Dear hubby gets up and feels Jr. and he's cold... Now Jr. is looking like he's going to pass out... No choking, no seizure, no history of anything like this! "Call 911", hubby does. Hubby is on the phone and I'm trying to get Jr. in the living room to lie down. The paramedics get to our home very quickly and by the time they get here he's doing a little better and starting to sign to us. They check all the basics, everytings fine. Now he wants to get and eat breakfast. They leave.

The paramedics think he must have cut off his oxygen while he was napping on the couch... came upstairs, lost more oxygen, started to eat fast and lost more, because he does not eat he inhales food in great volumes. After that event, he was fine all day. He was his typical, jolly, stuborn self. Thank god... It was really scarey girls, if I do say so. I've never seen any one alive so blue and pale. He was beyond pale.

Sorry this isn't my typical post, but it's been along time and I just don't have my groove back yet. I will. I hope all is well in blog land and I've missed you all. Hugs, Trudi


the feathered nest said...

Welcome back! I'm glad your computer troubles are over. That was a scary incident with your stepson - how does one cut off ones oxygen while napping?

I know what you mean about being tired. It's hard for us all to get back into the routine!


Noelle Gearring said...

I'm happy that nothing serious happened to Roger Jr. I miss you and the kids very much. Give me a call or e-mail me when you get a free moment.

Splaneyo said...

I'm glad you are back and that all is well with your stepson!

PEA said...

Hi Trudi:-) So glad to see you posting again and to hear that your computer if fixed...yeaaaaaaaa!! I missed you too!!! I can imagine how hard it is to get back into the school routine, it's no wonder you've been feeling so tired! Oh dear, what a scare you had with your stepson...not something you'd want to see too often, someone turning blue and pale like that! Thank God he's ok, though!! I got my dot velour blanket at a store called Saans:-) xoxo

Carmen said...

Thank God he is fine!
I hope you and Jr are doing fine. Yes, I miss you too!
I am back from my trip, please stay in touch.

Kelli said...

Welcome back Trudi! How scary about your stepson! I'm so glad that he is doing better now.

Minka said...

I am so glad your stepson is okay. Scary things happen.

I found you on the Teacher Lingo site and I also teach students with moderate to severe disablities. I am hoping that we can share ideas.

Glad to have found your site.


ps i can not figure out what the name of my webpage is but i am blogging on teacherlingo as My World of Special Teenagers.

Kari said...

I'm so glad he's okay! That must have been VERY scary!

By the way, nice picture you posted - I really like those bandannas.