Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hi All

Yikes, I'm in blog block. I need to get photos taken, I need to scan and I'm just feeling lazing. I'm so sorry. I really appreciate your comments and visits and want you to know I check in everyday. You guys are great. All the best for now. I also need to start working on Cafe Cl*ss. I start back really soon and want the blog up and running. Question, does anyone know where I might buy a cute shell chandelier? Something quite simple for my beach cottage bedroom. I'd prefer to use candles. Just wondering.


PEA said...

Oh gosh, no need to apologize if you're not blogging much...your blog is for YOU, not to entertain us!! I couldn't think of what to post today so I didn't's a rare occasion when I can't think of what to post! LOL It's been so hot, I think my brain has melted...sigh! hehe! As for a shell chandelier, go check out this site...they have all kinds of shell items!

Carmen said...

I agreed with Pea. I miss your posts but I will be always patiently here waiting for you.
Have a great weekend and good luck on your preparations for the new school period. Now, I have to go and check the website Pea recommended you. I love shells, LOL