Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lake Homes or Lake Cottages?

Webster defines a cottage as a small single family dwelling that is frame built. I'm not sure all these qualify as small, but lets allow the owner to determine small or cottage for their home. None the less I love them. We boat in southern MI where we rent a dock space. Hubby and I boat whenever we can. It's a beautiful lake and I wanted to share my dream homes with you. Here's a picture tour of my favorites.

This is my favorite home. The large amount of lake frontage and the landscaping is beautiful. What a dream home to own. Plus it gets a lot of sun, which you'll see is not common on this particular lake.

This home was build a little over year ago. This is it's second summer as it is now. I'm not use if they used an existing home or tore one down, but I just love the 4 levels and the decking. It's just beautiful. I can picture myself sipping a cup of coffee on that small deck off my bedroom.

This is much older home, but really well maintained. There's pool on the upper deck. It's a very "lake like" home for around here. I think that's why it appeals to me. To be honest, I would like any home on the water, howere that said, I really do like this one. It just attracts my attention when we go by.

My hubby and I've often talked about buying this one, LOL. That's the joke around here. Even if the home is small, it does not come with a small price tag if it's on a nice lake. We'd add a deck and from there who knows, but we like it. Couldn't you see french doors where the windows are? aah, dreaming

OK, I've had nothing but delays with Blogger. This is live folks. Oh, you know this. Well, the last two pictures won't load right now, cry, I've sat here for an hour now. That's too long... I'll get back to the other pictures later, maybe when blogger is happier.

Bye for now, Trudi M.


Sweet Roses & Vintage Chiq said...

Ooohhhh..... *sigh* I would love to own a house like on your stunning pictures. Well, keep on dreaming baby! But it's great daydreaming about it... Maybe some day who knows!

Sue said...

Hi Trudi,
Love your cottage pictures. I'm in southern Michigan too and can relate to the prices of cottages, even little ones being high.
Life At Home

Rhoda said...

Hi, Trudi, those cottages & homes are just beautiful. I've always wanted to live on the water too..wouldn't that be heavenly?

Southern Hospitality

Tootie said...

Hi Trudi-
Thanks for commenting on my blog about my new pontoon boat. It's nice to hear from a fellow "tooner"! I love the last little house. Remember dreams sometimes do come true so keep dreaming!

lila said...

Dreams are good for us! I really like the small house...but the price is still high on the lakefront....I like renting cottages on the water or coast for a week or a few days...enjoying them and not having the maintanance!