Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy First Day of Summer!

Well it's the longest day of the year. Hubby and I celebrated in style. We went to the Farmer's Market, hung out in the backyard, grilled steak, ate strawberry shortcake and went for a long bike ride. It was a great day.

We are back from Little Nashville, IN with the three monst- oops, no, I mean CUTE dogs. It was very trying on the first day. The second day went better, but Alison was very homesick and I was sick for her to be home... We had a good time, but we will not be taking them in the future. You can bet on that! LOL. They had to go everywhere with us, because they would not be quiet in the hotel room. They went shopping in Nashville and they went with us Antique shopping. That was quite a sight, two of them in the stroller and one in a shopping cart. Photos to come, as dear hubby did not pack the digital. I know I couldn't believe it either... What's a wife to do?

We purchased so great thing and I'll get those pics. ASAP.

P.S. The picture at the top of this post is an old post card I scanned. Please help yourself to the image if you wish.


Carmen said...

Happy to hear you enjoy your Summer solstice in the farmers market, I love them, too! And I go home with lots or too many things, LOL

Tootie said...

Sounds like it would be hilarious to see you and your hubby and doggies coming down the middle of the sidewalk! What did you buy????