Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Bit of My Yard

We moved into this 1965 ranch, I prefer to call it a cottage, three years ago. We have removed and re-landscaped everything. This is the view from my front door, that needs to be painted again... *sigh* We laid the block in a kidney shape and planted the grass, hosta, and ground cover. It's difficult to see the larger rocks but they are there. I try to landscape in triangle formations. One, it's pleasing to the eye and it works because it an odd number. Three is my go-to-amount when I'm working in the garden. I try to put everything in groups of three in some loosely shaped triangle. It's something I've picked up from HGTV over the years. So I just do it, and it seems to work for me. HGTV is a wonderful network and information site. Love it.
We need to level the block and add another row; that will be a fall project. We'll wait until the block goes on close out. The ground cover is new this season. I water it often, everyother day. We are having a very dry summer. How about you?


Anonymous said...

Oh, your yard is too cute! ...and I would have to agree, HGTV is a great network! I've been watching and trying to find ideas on how to decorate a small space!

ancient one said...

I like your yard, and yes it has been dry here also!!

Rhoda said...

Pretty, Trudi! Yes, we are so dry down a little rain today.

You can get Sophisticated Finishes at Michaels. That's the only store I've been able to find it at. Or maybe online.


Tootie said...

So dry here in PA!!!! My bee balm is shriveling up!