Sunday, May 6, 2007

Our Weather Men, Yikes!

Well, it was suppose to be 70 and overcast yesterday and it was cool and drizzly. We still bought tons of flowers. Then we had high hopes for today, garden and boating. Today was suppose to be ..... 78 and sunny. Yes, it was sunny, but windy, cool and just not very pleasant to be out and about. And I do mean windy. In the last two days, we've purchased 4 flats of flowers, impatients, salvia in red and purple and a mix of other annuals. Also 4 tomato plants, and pepper plants. A rose bush, and 16 perennial plants. (Zone 5 hardy.) Last but not least, my husband wanted a grape vine. How cute is that? We have the beds prepped and ready to go. Most of the perennials are in. Yeah, despite the weater. Ugh, I can't find our pic.

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