Monday, May 21, 2007

I love Reading Blogs

Let's face it, unless you are writing a blog for your personal family and/or friends, you want VISITORS, commenter's, and most importantly New Friends across this wide world. I am trying to add links to the blogs that I visit often, and my new blogging friends that are kind enough to leave comments. If you would like your blog listed let me know. I find it very easy to ignore this component of the blog, because it's not very fun to add sites. (If there is an easy way, I'm not aware of it and would love a tip.) Also, I try to write back to you all. If I don't, I sincerely apologize. Sometimes I get a little confused or pressed for time because I work full time. Not complaining, it's just the facts.
Also, hint, hint... if you have a blog and like my little piece of the web, please add my link. As we all know, that's how we all got started, by surfing through blog land. It's just so fun to know someone likes what you are sharing, and I so love visiting all of you. It's been great fun. Tootles, Trudi M.

This is not me...LOL, but a postcard I got thrifting the other day. Love the colors.


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Trudi, I added you to my list.

Have a great day,


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hi Trudi! I met you at Oh Merci...I have no idea how to add links and wouldn't want to leave anyone out so...
Anyway I saved you to favorites so I can check in on occasion! I had a dog name Trinket for 10 years...and he was my baby :)

Sweet Roses & Vintage Chiq said...

So true (believe me I surf a lot!!!)... so you are on my Inspiration list!

Well, what do you want to know? I'm studying Pedagogiek. Translation would be pedagogy but it doesn't involve teaching. So I'm not going to be a teacher when I'm finished. I'm going to work with kids who have disorders like autism, ADHD... What exactly do you do?
Love to hear from you!

one blue egg said...

Hi Trudi!

Betty Jo said...

Trudi I've added your blog to my links and would love to be added to yours. Here's the way I add links and find it really easy:
Go to your blogger Dashboard.
Click on Layout.
In the right column find: Blogs I visit often and click on Edit.
Place the sites address you're adding in New Site URl.
Place the name of the site in New Site Name.
Click Add Link.
Then click Save Changes.
And you're done!
If you have any problems with the steps let me know and I'll be glad to help if I can. xoxo

oliveoyl64 said...

If I spent 1/2 as much time on MY blog as I do reading other people's, then I might have an awesome blog page. It is a bit sad at the moment.

I am adding a link for you anyhow.